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[4 Jun 2013 | Comments Off | ]
Political Parties Brought Under RTI Act : Full Bench CIC directs them to provide information under RTI.

Political Parties brought under RTI Act; 

Full Bench CIC directs them to provide information under RTI. 
New Delhi, 4th  June 2013
On 3rd of June 2013, a full bench of Central Information Commission (CIC) comprising of Chief Information Commissioner Shri. Satyananda Mishra and Information Commissioners Shri. M.L. Sharma and Smt. Annapurna Dixit gave a landmark judgment where they ruled in favor of bringing Political Parties under the ambit of Right to Information Act (RTI).
In October 2010, Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) filed RTIs with various National Political Parties seeking information regarding the …

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[10 Dec 2011 | One Comment | ]
RTI Activist Ram Vilas Singh Shot Dead In Bihar

RTI Activist Ram Vilas Singh Shot Dead In Bihar

Another RTI Activist paid with his life, this time from Bihar, 56 years old Ram Vilas Singh from Lakhisarai , who had filed dozens of RTI applications on hoarding, black marketing, appointment of panchayat teachers and aanganwadi workers and status of development schemes in villages, was shot dead on Thursday morning at his native village, barely five km from the district town.

Hail the Government and Politicians of this Country who get paid for disrupting the parliament and not working. On the name of showing dissent political parties and politicians blow up money of tax payers, Let them not take salaries for the days when they blocked the working of the parliament” whereas an important issue such as the Whistle Blowers Protection Bill still is stuck, courtesy the entire Politicians of this country.

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[10 Nov 2011 | Comments Off | ]
RTI Activist Nadeem Sayeed’s Killing In Ahmedabad ,Again Highlights Need Of Whistle Blowers Protection Bill.

(From the Editors Desk )RTI activist Nadeem Sayeeds Killing in Ahmedabad again highlights the Need of Whistle Blowers Protection Bill. Nadeem Sayeed was murdered on 5th November in the morning at 7:45 am it is said that he was actively involved in exposing illegal slaughter houses was killed in Ahmedabad’s Juhupura area . On 5th November 2011 at around 7.45 am unidentified people attacked Nadeem Sayeed with sharp weapons, Nadeem Succumbed to his injuries on the spot.

Either the Governments shows it has spine and approves and implements the Whistle Blowers Protection Bill or it will be understood that the Corrupt will not tolerate Brave heart RTI Activists and the Government is standing with the Corrupts Shoulder to Shoulder.

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[6 Jun 2011 | Comments Off | ]
65 Buildings In Mankhurd Made To Enable SV Patel Constructions and Hiranandani-Akruti to reap undue profits?

RTI Activists team consisting of Sulaiman Bhimani, Sudhakar Malpe, Vasudev Shenoy and Homi Lord visited the colony of 65 buildings at Mankhurd for Project Affected People (PAP) and Slum rehabilitation. Of the 32 SRA projects handed over in Sept 2010 by MMRDA to MCGM, the team surveyed the ones listed at 7 and 8 on page 2 of this file: http://tinyurl.com/MMRDA-to-MCGM .  (Incidentally, the right-hand column of the table states that Hiranandani-Akruti’s approved layout plans, along with half-a-dozen others, are missing!)
By moving people from slums into Relief & Rehabilitation (R&R) …

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[29 Apr 2011 | Comments Off | ]
Redevelopers Or Cheaters : One Man & Five Widows Chase Redeveloper For Stolen Spaces Of Rs 3.3 Crores !!!

Most of the RTI Activist’s i.e, Mohammed Afzal, Suleiman Bhimani  have been exposing scams in Redevelopment Schemes and bringing out details of how Private Redevelopers cheat people in the name of Redevelopment.Here is one more such incident which highlights how the Redevelopers cheat.
One man and five widows are chasing a redeveloper for their stolen spaces worth Rs.3.3 crores and also struggle against 16-times increase in monthly maintenance bills!
Warning: After Redevelopment, let Certified Architects measure Your new flat. Your flats may be much smaller than agreed!
This is a warning for all …

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[18 Apr 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
The Attacks Continue : Another RTI Activist Attacked In Maharashtra .

The tale continues of RTI Activists getting attacked due to exposing corrupt practices and illegal activities. In yet another incident an RTI Activist from Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyas from Satara, Phaltan, has been attacked, Popat Barge was attacked on Sunday night with Swords in retaliation for his attempts to use the RTI to check on illegal construction.
Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyas (People against Corruption Movement) was formed by Anna Hazare,with below mentioned National Objectives  :

To establish populous based on the principle given in the Indian constitution,
To attain social justice …

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[14 Apr 2011 | One Comment | ]
Notice Issued To Paradise Height…Is It An Act Of  Vengeance ?  It was Just A Formality !! Says Sub-Engineer Pagare In Front of The State Information Commissioner .

Here is how the RTI Activist’s prove that a Nexus exists between the Building proposal department ,Builders and Developers. On 19th March 2011 RTI Activist had published an article regarding Paradise Height, a building in Millat Nagar,Mumbai,which was issued a Vacating Notice by the Building Proposal Department : http://rtiactivist.com/?p=769 .

In this article RTI Activist Mohammed Afzal had specifically stated that there is a Nexus between the builder and the BMC’s Building Proposal Department, and only due to that the Building Proposal Department had issued a vacating notice to Paradise Height. …

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[4 Apr 2011 | Comments Off | ]
RTI Activist Attacked in Shirur,Pune….Call Of The Hour Approve & Implement The Whistle Blowers Bill.

An RTI Activist Vijay Kusekar from Shirur, Pune was recently attacked for asking information under RTI for the government schemes on the rehabilitation of slums in Indira Avas Gharkul Yogana and Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Niwara Yogana.
As being repeated by all the Activist’s over and over again, Not to disclose details of the Applicants, its not happening , Again in this case a ploy seems to have been played by the concerned officials , they disclosed Vijay’s details, which led to a attack on him.
Its more shocking to hear …

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[13 Feb 2011 | Comments Off | ]
RTI Activist’s Daughter in law killed in Haryana

Chandraval, Haryana RTI Activist Mahabir Singh paid a heavy price when he was attacked by the Village Sarpanch after he exposed a pension scam by filing RTI, an attempt was made to crush him under a MUV car at village Chandrawal near Bhuna, Sonu daughter-in-law of Mahabir Singh tried to save him but she too was hit by the men and when she fell on the floor the Sarpanch allegedly ran his car over her and fled away, Sonu later died in a hospital in Hissar

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[3 Feb 2011 | 3 Comments | ]
Attacks on RTI Activist’s in India in January 2011

There have been 5 attacks on RTI Activist’s in India in January 2011 itself,Right To Information Activist’s in India have been bearing the Brunt of Exposing Corruption and opening up Can of Worms.Its not only to deter people from using The Right to Information Act but also to scare the existing ones to get Scared after a Bid on their life and to stay away from the Bureaucratic and Political Machinery and looking at the behavior of the Government it really does not seem that they are worried for them.